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Coyotes and Prepping

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Coyotes and Prepping. The Dangers and Problems of Coyotes in an SHTF Environment but also everyday life.

Video Credit to Brandon Crain “Pack of Howling Coyotes

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7 thoughts on “Coyotes and Prepping

  1. You should see the coyotes in the NH VT and ME according to fish & game the majority of those coyotes are half wolf and tend to travel in packs

  2. I’m in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont Don, about 4 miles back gravel. We have them circle around the house every month when my cat goes into heat. She’s inside, but makes a racket. I’m now thinking about getting 2 large breed dogs because I’m worried about my kids being outside during the day.

  3. Great tips. Last week a small dog was attacked by a coyote and died in my subdivision. I don’t let my dogs out without me after dark now

  4. Last fall was the first time I found coyotes on the family property. Made the call to drop ‘em in order to promote the deer to return. The farmers in the area hate them.

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