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DIY $49 Bug Out Bag (Dollar Store) Emergency Kit – You Can Afford!

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Here’s a Simple Budget Bug Out Bag YOU Can Make for Around $50. Grab Your “$49 Bug Out Bag Checklist” Here: – Check Out The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast On iTunes: – Google Play: – Stitcher: – Patreon: – Podbean:

Here’s an Amazon List I put together with comparable items to what I picked up at the Dollar Store (although it cost a bit more on Amazon):


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8 thoughts on “DIY $49 Bug Out Bag (Dollar Store) Emergency Kit – You Can Afford!

  1. I have some Tea Lights (small candles in aluminium foil cases) in my fire kit. I use electrical tape and seal them together to keep the wicks dry. I’d add a marker pen / Sharpie to the kit, leaving messages, especially in an urban environment can save lives (say there’s an earthquake, gas mains could get broken, a simple message to not enter a building for that reason is going to keep people safe). I have a bit of a flashlight habit, and own some fairly expensive hand torches and head lights, but I also have cheap ones from the pound shop (UK : -) ) in my bug out bag, and these are to give to people. Say I come across someone who is injured, and need to get help,… it’ll make the job of finding them again easier if they have a torch and are lit up.

  2. I know , depending on time of year, Dollar stores where i am have camping gear, fire starter rods, Emergency blanks, Tent stacks. Plastic water containers that roll up. Collapsable cups and like that as well as the kind of stuff you are putting in. Good video.

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