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Don’t Buy Another Gun…..Until You Do This!

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Before you decide to buy another gun to add to your collection, please make sure you invest in some quality training. I can personally vouch for James Yeager and all the good folks at Tactical Response. They genuinely care about your ability to be safe and competent with your firearm.
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15 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Another Gun…..Until You Do This!

  1. What is the overall best handgun/pistol in 2018…light weight durable most conseilable etc in your opinion it will be my first gun that why I ask you

    1. “Best” depends on what is best for you, but here is my opinion:

      First, go with a 9mm. Ignore the internet experts who talk about “stopping power”. Don’t get a .40 caliber. I have had both in the exact same pistol design (Glock 23 .40 and Glock 19 9mm). 9mm is a little easier to shoot and a LOT easier on wear and tear on the pistol. And, with quality defensive ammo, there is virtually no difference in effectiveness.

      As for which pistol, i would pay attention to reliability and simplicity. There is a reason the Glock 19 is probably the most popular concealed carry pistol in the US, especially among “professionals”. Another excellent choice is the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact. Both of these are about the same size. The S&W is made in the USA too.

      Finally, a couple more opinions. Don’t get too small of a pistol thinking it will be easier to conceal. Yes, it will be but it will be a lot harder to shoot accurately and controllably if you need to use it. And, get a good avoid holster (I use a Hawg Holster. Tell John I sent you and get a discount). And a good belt. And some good TRAINING.

      I know there is an investment involved but it is a serious responsibility. Here’s a ballpark base cost:

      Pistol: $550
      Hawg Holster: $50
      Klik Belt: $50
      Fighting Pistol at Tactical Response $500
      Ammo for class: $250

      So, about $1400. Not cheap but high value when you consider the importance of why you plan to carry a pistol.

      I hope this helps.

  2. “Don’t Buy Another Gun…..Until You Do This!” Well, sir, I have my heart set on an 1816 Springfield musket (smoothbore) in .69 caliber, and I don’t care what anyone says, I can handle it….:)

  3. 4G Tactical provides expert training in a safe, respectful and positive environment. Even though I finish last in some of the drills, the Lead Instructor Paul still encourages me. He tells me he thinks I am brave for showing up and not being intimidated. I keep taking the classes and improve a little each time. I may never be as good as some of the others but I am a thousand times better than if I never invested in training.

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