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Drone Flying Aerial Footage & Crash- Feat. MJX X102H ~My New Hobby/Channel~

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I needed to find a new hobby for myself that is just for fun and after watching a video on Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival about flying drones I had to give it a try and it is a freakin blast!

This MJX X102H quadcopter is made mainly for carrying an action camera. I got some cool footage of the lake near where I like to go hiking and even the part where I crashed it into some trees! lol

If you’re interested in a budget friendly camera drone you can’t go wrong with this one:

Here’s a link to the $43 action camera I use with it in case you need one to go with the drone:

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13 thoughts on “Drone Flying Aerial Footage & Crash- Feat. MJX X102H ~My New Hobby/Channel~

  1. I have really wanted a drone!!This is so cool!! I think it would be a fun
    hobby. Subbed your new channel!!! OH that is what I am afraid of if I get a
    drone!!!!! OUCH!! But, It looks like you are getting the hang of it!!
    Hey, I was wondering if you could check out a great drone channel from a
    guy here in my town.. his name is travisgrindal tell him I sent you his
    Good Luck on the new Channel!!

    1. Yeah it does I just couldn’t figure out how to turn it on until now that
      you said that and I looked in the manual lol

  2. We’ve crashed our drone lots of times. LOL I love drones, it’s been a bit
    since we’ve played with ours. Drones are resilient! Good times!

    1. About 30ft, it really sucked getting it down. Luckily the tree was pretty
      skinny and I managed to shake it out lol

    1. lol I’m actually surprised I haven’t gotten comments like that, as if a
      prepper isn’t allowed to enjoy life once in a while.

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