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Drones for SHTF and Prepping: Force Multiplier

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In todays video we discuss the relevance of drones in emergency preparedness. Do drones have any use in an SHTF situation? What are some of the limitations and drawbacks of using them in a grid down scenario.

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10 thoughts on “Drones for SHTF and Prepping: Force Multiplier

  1. My latest video upload included a drone who had eyes on me while I was filming it. One guy in my prepping group pilots a drone for us as well, great video!

  2. Very enlightening !!! I wouldn’t have thought of ALL the uses you pointed out. Smarty pants. ? oh,,,and GREAT FOOTAGE ,,,,now I want one !!!

  3. I still don’t understand, with all the drone models out there, why are like 99% chopper design?
    A fixed wing launched from your back yard, with a GPS markers programmed in, could circle your location for hours at a time.
    Once a potential threat is identified, then launch your chopper drone for constant surveillance for up to an hour (some models as little as 30 minutes).

    1. @oprah2020 You are thinking city life, rural life it would be not feasible to have cameras that would cover entire landscape. =) Plus the farther out you detect a threat the more options you have.

    2. Good point, I agree they are much better for surveillance, people like quads as they have much better maneuverability, most military portable drones are fixed wing for their fuel efficiency

  4. Great breakdown! Drones can be very useful. They definitely have their pros and cons and won’t be good for ALL situations, but would definitely be helpful for a few things.

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