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DXPOWER ARMOR- Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

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Link to DXPOWER power bank-
Link to Hybrid Light Lantern/Flashlight-

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7 thoughts on “DXPOWER ARMOR- Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

  1. I am new to your channel and like your advice. I am a newbie 101, not purchased much. Question. I’d like a survival knife and have already purchased a Mora, a bushcraft. Don’t have a ton of cash so what do you suggest for me?

  2. Sure seems like the Bees-Knees, Bro.   T F S                                        ATB Terry  God Bless

  3. Great choice of product to review. Very affordable and looks like it could stand up to bad weather and a bushcraft scene. Your other one looks like it could crack if dropped. The new one looks like you could throw it around like a football. Well done.

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