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Emergency Survival Blanket (Mylar Blanket / Space Blanket)

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It’s time again to take a look at another must have survival gadget for your bug out bag and today well be taking a look at the emergency survival blanket which is available from the guys over at

These emergency survival blankets are designed to do a lot of things but their absolute biggest benefit is that when you wrap one around yourself they are capable to retaining up to 90% of your body heat allowing you to stay heated even some of the coldest or harshest of environments.

These mylar blankets are also known as ‘space blankets’ because these types of blankets were originally developed by NASA for space missions (hence the name ‘space blanket’) – but they are also perfect for survivalists and hikers alike.

Furthermore they are also capable of protecting against sun damage in hotter climates and can also be used for things like collecting drinking water and being used to signal for help by shining a light against one.

All in all these emergency mylar blankets are a must have for any bug out bag and we’re definitely giving them the Guide To Prepping seal of approval!

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3 thoughts on “Emergency Survival Blanket (Mylar Blanket / Space Blanket)

    1. These the shiny silver aluminum type ?? Anti INFRA RED !! ..Turn you
      invisible to infra red detectors cops etc ? …but heat loss
      through the openings must be diffused . Say into bushes or a grill ..

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