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Esee 5 – Test

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Esee 5 ,1095 carbon steel. Tactical

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7 thoughts on “Esee 5 – Test

  1. I bought myself an Esee 4 a while back for my edc fixed blade. I have got
    to say it is one of the best performing knives I have ever owned. Very
    impressed to say the least, would recommend any day. Love your vids by the
    way, Tac. Keep em’ comin’

  2. Would you recomend this knife over the esse 6 or the other way around i
    have my sights on set for the esee 6. Also esee6 with or with out the
    sharpened swedge

  3. tac! do you know where i can find a esee laser strike for around 80 85
    smackers cheapest i found was 99 bucks i told myself id buy it it i could
    find it cheap thanks playboy!

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