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ESEE Altoids Survival Kit and 5 Changes I’d Make: Altoids Tin for Wilderness Emergency, Bug Out Bags

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ESEE makes solid survival gear, so this Altoids Survival Tin was something I wanted to check out its contents: fire steel, compass, snare wife, and more. For only $34 I think you’re getting a pretty solid little kit. Check out the video to see more and to hear about the 5 changes I would make to this kit.

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7 thoughts on “ESEE Altoids Survival Kit and 5 Changes I’d Make: Altoids Tin for Wilderness Emergency, Bug Out Bags

  1. lol fireproof matches sound pretty useless my friend 😉 however I definitely agree with you on the water purification – just a few more add ons – some duct tape wrapped around itself for repairs and what not- a few needles of various sizes and thread- some pills to treat every day issues – couple sheets or rite in the rain paper – a writing tool like an ink cartridge or a small pencil- alcohol prep pad – one could cram a whole lot in an altoid size tin with a little patience and some good tetris skills

  2. no way of shelter, no water treatment. According to the rule of 3s, first 2 are not covered. And eating fish, without having water to digest is practically worthless.
    A nice gimmick in my eyes. could be used to take apart and put into other kits.

  3. I live about a mile from a lake and I’d say in the last 5 years I’ve lost triple digits worth of tackle in that one lake alone.

  4. Good video. I like that you actually took the time to measured out the cordage, wire and fishing line. I’m not sure, but I think ESEE built this kit without water tablets because then this kit would need to be check and update with items that expire. It looks like a kit you buy and never have to really check anything because nothing expires. I’m sure the $$$ played a big role as well. You could fill it with top quality gear and people would snivel like a rat eating an onion over the price they’d have to charge, so it’s a happy medium for a kit we all know we will probably NEVER use, but fun to have and look at and play with. haha

    I would drop that LED light. I don’t need a marker light and it’s not a flashlight, so what will it be used for really. I would also drop that tiny mirror, and like you said, polish the lid and use that. I would also drop 2 of those tinder tabs.

    I like the fishing kit, but I would replace the line with 30 pound test braided fishing line. A sewing bobbin holds about 65 feet.

    I’d replace the hooks with all smaller hooks around a #6 or 8 and have six of them and a split shot for each hook.

    I’d add a small straw and fill it with 6 or 8 of those little crappie nibbles bait, and a small piece of felt and fold it in half and put my bait in it on the hook. The felt adds to attracting fish and holds the nibble bait to be used a few times.

    I’d add a Gerber breast milk bag, and say 6-8 inches of duct tape to repair the bag if needed.

    I took a hollow plastic Q-tip shaft and sealed both ends after filling it with potassium permanganate for water treatment as it has no shelf life. It’s not the best, but it is very compact and treats a lot of water for that small package and it’s better than nothing, which you have now.

    I like that cordage, but I use about 35 feet of 250 pound test braided fishing line in mine. It’s thinner than that cord, or about the same size as one inner strand of 550……..maybe a tad thicker, but a lot stronger.

    I also carry a larger perfume sample vial and fill it with bug juice. I live in southern Louisiana and the bugs are NEVER gone. I can use this to get me through a night in the bush or fixing a flat tire and refill it when I get home.

    I made a small liquid candle from an MRE Tabasco bottle. If I keep the flame at 1/2 to 3/4 inch, with a small piece of foil with a small hole in it for the wick to regulate flame height, it will burn for 70 to 75 minutes. This replaces those 2 dropped tinder tabs, but the 2 you kept can be use with the ferro rod to start the liquid candle and then put out the tinder tab right away to be used it again to light the candle if needed. Then use this candle to start a fire. Again, in Louisiana I need or like to have fire that lasts longer than a couple minutes. If you make one of these, dip the cap in wax or tape it to keep it tight and closed. I did have ONE come loose back in the early 90’s, out of the dozens I have made. So I just tape or wax them now to be sure.

    I also like the idea of adding some GOOD matches.

    Well, that’s basically how I set up mine, but what the hell do I know. I just enjoy making these small kits. Keep up the great work.

  5. I get the point of these tins and i get that profit needs to be generated for a business. In my opinion, all of the tins i have seen commercially available are over priced. The tin logo is cool, but not $30 cool. The content is good, but not $30 good. I made my own for less than $5 each. one for fishing, one as a fire kit, and one gen purpose. One is an altoid tin and the other two are airgun pullet tins. Again, for me, these commercial tins are just over priced.

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