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ESEE Escape & Evasion Kit Overview: Part 1

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I got ahold of the ESEE Escape and Evasion Kit to check out because I wanted to see what was included in an E&E kit. For my uses, this covers quite a few of the basics, but as I mention I will re-adjust this kit to be more to my needs. Overall, this kit gives a solid baseline (based on my research) for escape and evasion – check it out!

ESEE Escape and Evasion Kit:

ESEE Wallet:

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– Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, originator of The Sheepdog Concept
– Travis Haley of Haley Strategic
– Chris Costa of Costa Ludus
– The team over at ITS Tactical
– NutnFancy and his YouTube channel/community
– Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School
– Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School
– Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training

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7 thoughts on “ESEE Escape & Evasion Kit Overview: Part 1

  1. You asked for anyone who has EE training. I have…we called it SERE which stood for survive escape evade essentially two weeks one half classroom the other half…well let’s just say…it was indeed a life lesson learning point..

    I can see the practicality of all of it MINUS the handcuff key…for if you are indeed captured and cuffed… once you somehow manage to unlock the cuffs… where ya gonna go???

    So nice PM little kit but most denfinitley not worth 64 bucks..

  2. Just another example of a name brand rip off. I wish these companies would realize they are doing nothing but hurting their reputation by trying to sell these overpriced kits. Who is going to buy this? Some wanna-be prepper or wanna-be survivalist who don’t know any better. Sorry I would not pay $67 for a kit that I have to adapt to my own use. I would just buy what I wanted in the first place saving quite a bit of money or making a real use evasion kit. Esee knives rock, but as far as I am concerned they just lost points for ripping people off.

  3. I think David Canterbury’s 10 Cs are a good starting point for any EDC kit. Not sure how the use of this kit would actually work out in a real scenario but it seems gimmicky. Personally I’d prefer a kit that covers some of those 10 Cs, obviously some are harder than others to fit into a wallet sized package, particularly ‘cover’ as you mentioned in the video. I’d keep the firesteel and compass, ditch the cards, have more cordage, swap the arrow head and scraper for a small knife, have a little water bladder and a few purification tabs, some tinder, some aluminium foil, matches, repair tape and a pen torch if it would fit.

  4. ESEE knives are definitely worth every penny. Not only are they incredibly well made and designed, but they back their products with a 100%, unconditional lifetime guarantee… you cannot beat that. I haven’t used many of their other products yet, but I can speak to their knives from personal experience owning a few. Junglas II, 5P and 4HM. Bulletproof and well designed for task…

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