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Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear 2016 | Canadian Prepper

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Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear 2016

Some non firearm EDC tools for Canadians and hopefully others down south as well (and overseas!).

My Wristwatch the GShock Tough Solar (runs on the sun!)

Propper Lightweight Tactical Pant

Kevlar Cord 950#

Cheap Paracord Belts

Flipside Wallet

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Pepper Spray

Olight S1R Baton 900 lumen mini light


Nite Ize Key chain


Swiss Champ Multitool

Country Preppers Video

Canadian EDC Winter Video

Future of Solar Power Video

After the Collapse Series Playlist Here:

Gear Review Playlist

Interviews with Youtube Preppers

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8 thoughts on “Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear 2016 | Canadian Prepper

  1. We have very stupid gun laws. BREAKING NEWS: Criminals don’t obey the no
    concealed carry law! You’re only restricting the law abiding!
    Criminals don’t obey gun laws, so gun laws only affect the law abiding. The
    law abiding should carry guns because police officers are too heavy.

  2. That sucks you live in a communist country and can’t carry a gun. I love
    living in America where we’re free to do so if we choose which I do.

  3. Us prepper talking shit about canadian gun law in 3-2-1
    Nah I’m to late.

    On a more serious note, take a look to the Colt tactical pen (the best I
    found). LED light cap, glass breaker, heavy duty, ”defense cap” and I
    filled mine with a water resistant ink.

  4. Clinton will be elected even if they have to steal it with hacking the
    machines or some other trick. We will soon be forced to give up our guns.
    They may do it gradually but she is determined to disarm us as all tyrants
    do. With gun registration comes eventual confiscation. I am a Texan and our
    state authorities will resist as well as ordinary citizens but it is
    coming. I am a law abiding person like most gun owners. There was an old
    saying on bumper stickers back in the day: When guns are outlawed only
    outlaws will have guns. The NWO wants us dead and this is the first step.
    God help us.

    1. Larry Hillman man. I am Brazilian, the gun laws here are the biggest bull
      shit that you can imagine, sinse the people vote in that motherfucker
      comunist Lula. 66% of the people vote “no gun control” but for they it
      doesn’t matter, now for to have this right again we need to “fight” a lot.

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