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Ex-Jess Update/My Offer to Kershaw, CRKT, and Others – Preparedmind101

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**THERE WILL BE ANOTHER REGULAR FRIDAY VIDEO UPLOADED SOON IN ADDITION TO THIS ONE** I explain what went wrong with the new Ex-Jess’s, and give my pitch so that this tool concept doesn’t die and the community gets their budget tools.

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13 thoughts on “Ex-Jess Update/My Offer to Kershaw, CRKT, and Others – Preparedmind101

  1. Those are very fat Grains… They definitely didnt take the time to Normalize the Steel before hand! Always Refine the Steel Grain Structure before you go into the Quench before Tempering. Good Lawd! This is basic Knife Steel Insurance for a Tougher Knife Everytime.

    1. That was the FIRST thing I said when I gave Charade a poor review on FB dude! I don’t even DO this for a living, but even someone as green as me can look at that and go…WTH…did you normalize that steel and refine that grain and remove the stresses YOU PUT INTO IT when you formed it in the first place. You make the blade. Normalize. HT. TEMPER. It’s carbon steel. It’s not freakin rocket science. And please don’t tell me these people don’t have the equipment to set the temps etc and do this right! I mean, am I off base dude??

    2. I was thinking casted metal, looks crazy to me. They should not have changed anything, its really nuts because I bought that Shrade and thought well damn maybe they are going to be ok, now its back to being the poopiest knife company.

  2. I wonder if their Chinese manufacturer made the manufacturing process cuts without Schrade’s knowledge?

  3. I believe it’s a great idea to offer such as you have and, with multiple manufacturers sporting your logo, it would no doubt create a desire to see even more of your designs!

  4. crkt already has some great names for great products. another chance to add another great name, and product. The Chris Tanner designed Bad Mother Fucker. or B.M.F. for short.

  5. I have serious mixed feelings about this whole thing…..First off SCHRADE has been commercialized by all of you guys on YouTube for about 5 years now and through those years I bought into the whole “best bang for the buck” deal. Well before this even happened I completely stopped buying Schrade knives anyways, cause after constant grind issues with every freaking knife I bought, it became apparent that buying a Schrade was like playing the lottery.
    I think the JesX was a “special” knife that Schrade did for their best pimp (JOKE guys dont freak) they made sure to make that knife work because of the huge following and sales. That being said all the Schrades I had were a FREAKING PAIN IN THE BUTT AND ALL NEEDED REGRINDS…… So YES the JesX thing sucks BUT IMHO SCHRADE AND MANY REVIEWERS HID THESE CRAPPY ISSUES CAUSE THEY WERE GETTING BOXES OF KNIVES FOR FREE. If I being an average poor guy who randomly purchased Schrade knives kept getting bad grinds and a few really bad heat treats than it was always an obvious issue ….just overlooked cause of greed.

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 I didn’t say you Chris ….I was meaning the community as a whole, each person has a personal responsibility to the people. I dont think you hid defects but I do know that the rumor mill on Schrade was HUGE, Bad grinds horrible bad grinds and heat treats during the popular times like the 42&42d and frontier series.
      Obviously you just broke a bunch to prove a point…..chill out!! But if you feel that I’m lying or trying to call you a liar you’re mistaken. Schrade was doing good but even during their rise there was way to much defects being sold IMHO…..Your Jess X design was given special attention, not anymore. Sorry I pissed in your soup bro.

    2. +Airik1111 How can we be hiding these issues when the knife is right f***ing there on the screen?? And we’re USING IT?? We can only go by what’s in front of us.

      I’ve got Dark Timbers, LT Wright’s, Bark Rivers… Why on Earth would I sell my soul for a free knife I could buy with money I pull from my couch cushions??

      Everytime Schrade has fucked up within my view, I’ve called them out on it.

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