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EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review

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EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review.

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Up Armored Knives: Plate Knife
Ingalls Creek Outfitters Fierce Fire

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8 thoughts on “EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review

  1. LoL on me already subb’d while back shows i got good-?er? taste ! sorry abt ur other channel it was awesome but here U gotta good following! wish I could help on patrion but a DAV w/sickly wife.Med bills keep us humble & got no CC’s or chks go total cash&carry now ! ATB 2U sidenote ben using fire rods ince injun cub upraising so long ago now

    1. wife med is nutt’n 2do w/us missed it w/my ole tired eyes seem’s more junk 2 watch out 4 TY 4 video was Good Memories 4 me 😉

  2. This ferro rod is $30 in the link supplied by Sootch00 in his description. It’s a good ferro rod, but it isn’t worth $30. I bought the same exact ferro rod off Ebay (no name clone) for $5.70. Works the same and likely made in the same factory.

  3. You have a great channel on Youtube. I would like to visit with you about a business opportunity. I sent you an email through Youtube if interested.

  4. Scootch good vid,but isn’t it a little bit like a commercial.I love your videos where you make gear yourself,your the Tin Man making all the gear.Now serious question,what is it with Americans where they have to have EDC,get home bag, bug out bag and tactical knives.I’m a hunter when I go shooting I have a game bag with ammo and a Mora knife and a Buck lite on my belt,water bottle and the rifle caliber I need that day.Back at my HondA Crv I’d have a flask of Tea and sandwiches.My toolbox is in the jeep too,now if my vehicle breaks down I can phone my wife,my son or one of my friends.WHAT are AMERICAN’s afraid of,what do they think is going to happen.Sorry for being so blunt but I don’t understand all this prepping.I have a collection of Helle and other Scandinavian knives.I’d love an answer my friend.

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