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Exotac TinderTin Fatwood – Firestarter In a Can

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You know I like me some fatwood, and the Exotac tinderTIN is available in 2 different versions of fatwood- shavings and splinters (little sticks). You know I am gonna like it, don’t you?

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9 thoughts on “Exotac TinderTin Fatwood – Firestarter In a Can

  1. Good video Bryan. Like you I am blessed with lots of fatwood here. BTW I haven’t seen you post any of your music lately. I enjoy your songs. Have you not been posting or am I just not getting the notifications. Thanks pal.

    1. I haven’t posted any lately. I need to make time to record some more. I still have a few in the bank.

  2. Effective and convenient. I don’t recall if you’ve ever tested any of the fatwood products available from the Home Depot . Might be interesting, if you haven’t. [I checked the Lowe’s web site; it’s not offered there]

  3. Hey wait a minute….. I think maybe you forgot Brian. It’s no longer the Boy Scouts. Ugh!

  4. Being that I get very little time out in the woods and for Woods Gathering, I think this is just the product for me. And I like the idea that it comes in a very useful tin for when you’re finished with it. Or you could put it all together in to into one tin and keep those for something else. I like it alot! Thanks Brian!!

  5. In one of the videos you had a baton the boyscouts made for you but i was wondering if theres an option on amazom

  6. Hey there Brother, love what you do! That is an awesome product and thanks for sharing ? I watched your vids about batoning and I absolutely agree with you. Awesome videos my friend. I liked and subscribed.
    Take care and keep it safe, ?

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