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Exotac Titanlight: Peanut Lighter On Steroids – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “Exotac Titanlight: Peanut Lighter On Steroids – Preparedmind101

  1. The idea behind it, the craftsmanship that went into it and the simple rugged function of performing it’s designed task are what makes it great. It’s an advanced version of a zippo.

  2. They have all of the advantages of a wick type lighter — Zippo, peanut, etc… — without the disadvantages. Unlike butane lighters, Bic for instance, they don’t care how cold it is outside; they don’t care what the current elevation is and they’ll run on practically any flammable liquid. Bic lighters don’t work well in cold weather, don’t work well at high elevations, and once they’re out, they’re out, unless you’ve got a can of butane handy anyway. With a wick type lighter you can run it on anything from vodka to gasoline to paint thinner if that’s all you’ve got. (Not recommending it, just saying it works.)

    With that type of lighter the multi-fuel capability is really the biggest advantage in a disaster/survival situation, along with being waterproof and practically indestructible of course. I tend to keep one around for that reason even though I mostly just use a disposable. I am a big fan of the Exotac ‘fireSLEEVE’ (that’s how they spell it) though!

  3. I like the Exotac ferro rod. It hangs around my neck next to an Olight I3. They make quality products for sure. ?

  4. I think Chris forgot to tell us whether or not the body of the lighter is type III anodized aluminum or if it comes with a spare O-ring, flints, etc. ?

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