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Extreme Wilderness Survival Book Review – By Craig Caudill – NEW!

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Extreme Wilderness Survival is an excellent new survival book that will help you be prepared for pretty much any survival situation you wind up in. Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School has crafted a very engaging book filled with real world survival advice that could save your life. Check out his school at:

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13 thoughts on “Extreme Wilderness Survival Book Review – By Craig Caudill – NEW!

  1. We all focus on gear because gear is cool. Like in Africa or south America people do what we call bushcraft or ” survival” every day they call it life. But not focusing on gear is good because we all follow the 10 c’s or the 10 essentials… But an awful lot of people don’t. Maybe you go hunting and get lost or fishing and get dunked on a cool windy day or maybe you’re driving someplace and you get caught in a flood or a blizzard. Nobody ever leaves home and thinks, yep today Murphy’s law is gonna strike. You have to be able to think on your feet.

  2. Printed and bound in China.  Really?!  Bushcraft 101- Manufactured in the United States of America.  I guess I’ll still give it a try on Bryan’s recommendation, but I would have paid the difference if given the chance.

  3. Great review! Sounds interesting. Seems like something worth adding to my library 🙂 And it was just 17.6 euros at my favorite online bookstore including shipping. Should arrive within a week. Looking forward to it. Thank you for the tip Bryan! As always big thumbs up!

  4. Fantastic video. I am an avid reader & also enjoy the outdoors. This was taylor made for me. Sadly few if any people can be bothered to actually read anymore.

    I trust some of those viewers who have never read a book for enjoyment or since they were forced to because of school will take heed & pick up this book & read it. Heck, pick up any book & read it just for enjoyment.

    I for one will be purchasing this book & most likely read it a few times. Cheers Brian (spelling?) & thanks for this important video.

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