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EZ Kut Ratcheting Pruner and Wow Saw – For Hunting and More

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If you need cut brush or limbs, EZ Kut probably has a way to do it easily. Their ratcheting pruner has been clearing firing lanes and trails for over 25 years and their new premium folding saw cuts like a dream.

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14 thoughts on “EZ Kut Ratcheting Pruner and Wow Saw – For Hunting and More

  1. I was going to add what you added at the end. While topping, trimming, or falling trees, I carry a ratcheting pruner and a folding saw on my harness for those limbs that tie me up from further climbing (usually smaller limbs that don’t require a chain saw). Those are great for a climber that is not on a tree stand or ladder, but going up the ol’ fashion way with climbers. It might be time for a change. Lifetime warrantees are a big plus.

  2. Seems like the Bees-Knees Bryan, T F S                                           ATB Terry    God Bless

  3. Say Heah, Yeah, I’m ordering one. Infact I just saved their phone number. Because its too late to call them. I took a little break from trading.,,..,,.

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