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FAIL!- Switchblade Knife Kit For Schrade SC90B

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I bought a switchblade knife kit to convert my Schrade SC90B to an automatic knife. But, things did not go as planned so this is a fail video. I hope you can learn from my mistakes.

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15 thoughts on “FAIL!- Switchblade Knife Kit For Schrade SC90B

  1. thanks for explaining what went wrong. might have to try it some day. seemed like a cool little project

  2. I’d love to see the raw unedited version with all the 4 letter bombs intact.  It’s easy to show someone how to do something when it goes perfect the first time.  The best training videos show what can go wrong and how to avoid it.  Mistakes are the investment you make in future performance.  Thanks for sharing your investment.

  3. There is nothing about a switchblade that I’ve found to be a benefit over a spring assisted knife and I would think you could even argue no benefit over a thumb stud knife. I’ve owned a few mil/police only switches and they all had things about them I hated. I would rather carry the Kershaw 1990 @ $25 over some of the $150+ switches I’ve owned. Granted they look really cool, but they really suck opening by accident in your pocket and stabbing you not to mention you need to keep them very well lubed to keep them going for any decent period of time.

    1. Survival On Purpose I’m curious why you like them. is it just the cool factor? I get that and that’s the reason I own a few but I mean for any practical application they generally seem to suck. They require basically the same effort to open as a spring assist with no added benifit but the draw back of occasionally stabbing you when unintentionally opened.

  4. Well at least you might keep someone else from making the same mistake. Takes a strong person to admit his mistakes.

  5. Sometime we just need three hands. Don’t think you can bend spring steel without heating it up. Good luck Bryan when you get the new parts.

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