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Fall 2018 EDC Update (Tier 1: Basics) – Preparedmind101

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8 thoughts on “Fall 2018 EDC Update (Tier 1: Basics) – Preparedmind101

  1. Great edc. Like that watch. I use the same wallet as well and don’t see myself change it anytime soon. Nice edc for sure.

  2. I grew up on victorinox Swiss Army knives,
    They are good, but very weak with lateral torque due to them being held together via pins, never use the screwdriver, the only time I’ve wrecked them was doing that,

    I tend to put function over form with my EDC,
    iPhone 8+ (and one other, always two phones)
    Nitecore EA1 (discontinued) and a True Utility NanoLite, it’s tiny, very discreet,
    CRKT Squid (I have a thing for overbuilt)
    Don’t use a wallet, all your eggs in one basket, keep cash in one pocket, cards in another, the only reason to use a wallet would be for RFID Blocking,
    Rite in the rain notebook, and pen,
    Lighter is a cheap TorJet (refillable, piezo electric jet gas lighter) and a Numyth Tohil,
    Watch is a Casio PRW3000 (never liked Casio’s generally, most look like they were designed by a kid on a sugar rush, but I like this one, and thinking of getting one of the new Rangeman GPR-B1000-1ER) reason being, it’s tough, waterproof, solar, and syncs to an atomic clock, no fuss, total absence of diva,
    and stuffs, that’s about it,

  3. I have and am thoroughly satisfied with the Note 8, G3 Frontier, and (because of your review of it 8n one of your older edc update vids) the wallet jr. Was just thinking the other day it was about time for one of these. Thank you for the look!

  4. Excellent vid. I got the basic s2 watch for free when I bought my gal s7edge. I have only forgotten my phone on a few occasions but of course, they were occasions where I absolutely NEEDED my phone. Thank God I had my s2 watch on as I was able to make the very impt calls. I also wear a regular watch as the s2 has very short battery life. It can be a lifesaver even though pro think I’m a nut when I talk to my wrist.

  5. Phone Samsung Galaxy S9 plus in a Otterbox Symmetry with a glass screen protector

    Lighter UST Delta Shock and Storm proof lighter

    Keys Keybar Blackout Titanium Intake

    Watch Casio G-Shock Mudmaster/Bulova Automatic Stainless Steel/Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

    Pocket knife Benchmade Bugout/Griptilian/Mini Griptilian/Spyderco Manix 2 and Light/Paramilitary 2/Para 3/Delica/Tenacious/ZT Hinderer carbon fiber 0562/Sinkevich carbon fiber 0450/Cold Steel SR1 Tanto/Ontario Rat Model 1 AUS-8 and D2/Rat Model 2 AUS-8 and D2/these are more dress up special occasion knives Boker Kwaiken flipper copper and carbon fiber/Kershaw Damascus Skyline/Leek customized by Santa Fe Stoneworks Mommoth/Chris Reeves Mnandi Gentleman’s Knife carbon fiber/Microtech Combat Troodon Damascus carbon fiber

    Wallet Trayvax Contour/Element/Ridge Wallet in carbon fiber

    Mini Tool Leatherman Juice C2/Victorianox Swiss Army Mini Champ

    Light Olight S1R Baton Turbo S/Surefire EDCL2

    Medical R.A.T.S Tourniquet

    Concealed Blade Colonel Blades Low Viz/Ka Bar TDI/Brous Blades MF CEO

    CCW Summer Glock 43 Taran Tactial +3 base plate with XS Big Dot DXT with Streamlight TLR-6/S&W M&P Shield 2.0 Taran Tactial +2 base plate with XS Big Dot DXW with APEX Tactical Action Carry trigger with Streamlight TLR-6
    Fall and Winter Glock 19 Gen 5 XS Big Dot DXT with Streamlight TLR-8/S&W M&P9 2.0 Compact XS F8 sights with Olight PL-2 Valkyrie with APEX Tactical Action Carry trigger/CZ P-07 XS Big Dot DXT with TLR-7
    Spring Glock 26 Gen 5 with Glock + 2 extension with the same XS Big Dot DXT/S&W M&P9 Compact XS F8 sights with APEX Tactical Action Carry trigger

    Belt Aries Aegis/Hanks Premier double layer gun belt

    Holsters Glock Dara Kydex IWB weapon light fit and 2 magazine holders S&W and CZ Cleveland Kydex

    Optional Hiking Camping Knife White River FC 4/LT Wright JX-2 Jessmuk/Winkler Knives Woodsman

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