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Fenix FD41: 900lm Focusable Flashlight (Fenix is Back On The Menu) – Preparedmind101

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It’s not a Thrunite, Olight, or Klarus…*shocked face* In an effort to spice up the brand variety, I have added some Fenix lights to the review cycle, courtesy of DLT Trading.



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8 thoughts on “Fenix FD41: 900lm Focusable Flashlight (Fenix is Back On The Menu) – Preparedmind101

  1. There is one problem with focus flashlights though, its another thing to play with so you end up constantly messing with the focus. led lenser, (for the record) have decent focus optics but theyre a bit over priced and many dont have regulation so thats why many arn’t into them including me.

  2. ha ha! i asked you about fenix the other week, now youve got some for review. you’re like thunite, you listen to the audience lol. looks cool but ive reached my flashlight limit… till next fall anyway, but good to get ideas. My latest, a tn12 (2016) nw and ive put in a usb rechargable battery (lumintop, but like what atactical use) and what a combination. tn12 for me is an ultimate all rounder. keen to see more fenix though!

  3. I love my fenix uc40ue, i’ve had it for over a year. The best part about it is the fact that you can charge it with a cellphone USB charger. I also like that the battery is not polarized, you can put it in either way. It’s also 900 lumens.. the only way it could be better is if it focused….

  4. looks like a decent flashlight do they make one thats rechargeable? I remember the TrapperKeeper. It’s been a while since I have heard of them though lol

  5. nice. we got a Trapper Keeper reference and a Spaceballs reference in the same video, neither of which involve abnormally sized men. kinda makes me feel like river dancing.

  6. i realize I’m not the most intelligent creature on the planet, but it always amazes me. the amount of simply DUMB-ASS comments that get jettisoned onto youtube. first time talking about this but, man. sad lol. whenever I encounter really dumb people, I always say to myself, “They probably have a drivers license.” and then I get on the road and that is confirmed.

    1. Didn’t I just see some off-color comments you made on Canadian Prepper’s channel recently? Because after those comments you jettisoned onto youtube there, your comment here is a real head-shaker. Please Aaron, try your best to think happy thoughts.

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