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Fidget Spinner Mania Seriously?

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Fidget Spinners are the rage. Fun, relaxing and taps into that nervous energy. We’re looking at a number of different designs from Plastic to Titanium. Cool addition to your EDC. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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13 thoughts on “Fidget Spinner Mania Seriously?

  1. They always seemed pretty gimmicky, but I may have changed my mind after this video. Thanks for the overview.

    1. If your someone who enjoying clicking pens or drumming their fingers when bored. Fidget spinners tap that itch without annoying the shit out of people around you nearly as much.

  2. My son has an impulsive form of ADHD and these things have done wonders with his fidgeting and restlessness. His focus and attention span has greatly increased.

  3. Rofl, we don’t say “lost your mind” we say psychologically impaired. Your right though, it qualifies as EDC. I can even imagine a few ways it might save your life in a crisis, they just aren’t the most likely of possibilities. 😉

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