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Final 5 Favorite Gear I’ve Reviewed – This One Has Knives

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In this video we look at 5 more things I’ve reviewed that I would not want to live without now. This is the 3rd and final installment of the “favorite gear” mini-series. Scroll down for links to the first 2 videos.

Darn Tough Wool Socks:
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link:

First Edge Folders:
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link (manual and assisted):
First Edge Website (for automatic version):

Benchmade Osborne 940:
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link:

Hidden Woodsmen Haversack:
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link:

Wazoo Survival Kit Paracord Bracelet
Original Review Video:

Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link:

Bonus Video: Tahoma Field Knife
Original Review Video:
Amazon Link:

First 5 Favorites Video:
Second 5 Favorites Video:

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16 thoughts on “Final 5 Favorite Gear I’ve Reviewed – This One Has Knives

  1. I had to watch this one twice. Peripheral Neuropathy is no joke, freezing winter complicates the condition to no end. Merino Wool is your best friend, as any other material hurts. The First Edge knife has me thinking I better get this on my short list for the fall order. Always a pleasure to catch one of your videos, God Bless You and Yours.

  2. Good series Bryan. You guys review so much stuff it is very interesting to see what actually ends up in your “pockets”. Darn Tough Socks ??! Every day carry pocket knife: Victorinox Pioneer X. Woods pocket knife: Victorinox Farmer. Two of the O-Lights you reviewed are now in my bags. Also your favorite Hennessy Hammock is now my favorite as well. Please keep the reviews coming.

  3. Have you tried the firefly fire steels that replace the toithpick or tweezers in the Swiss army knife? They look cool but I haven’t seen them thoroughly reviewed. If they work like advertised it would be a cool way to always have a fire steel in your Swiss army knife.

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