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First Harvest of the Garden with Ms. Tac

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7 thoughts on “First Harvest of the Garden with Ms. Tac

  1. Try planting your garlic in the fall and letting it winter in the ground. That’s what we do and winter is pretty brutal in my part of Canada.

  2. Tac & Mrs. Tac, great vid guys! If you want to grow peppers, try sweetening your soil. Wood ash from your wood stove mised in with compost will make a big difference and raise the ph. Peppers love sweet soil unlike most veggies.

  3. Cool, look into companion planting. Certain flowers near certain crops fucks off certain bugs. Also the crops you don’t like, blend it up and make a sauce to go with pasta etc ???

  4. Place a cup/bowl with some beer in it. The Jap beetles will be attracted to it and can’t get out. Cheap and simple.

  5. Right on brother I didn’t have time to get my garden in this year I only had staw berries and garlic that grab from last year but I’m planning on moving it and got to make a better gate so the rabbits don’t get in and I might put a electric fence for the squirrels

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