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Fith Ops Perimeter Alarms PT 2: 12 Gauge Model – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “Fith Ops Perimeter Alarms PT 2: 12 Gauge Model – Preparedmind101

  1. Stiil too wimpy, gonna have to play with those things myself and load a 12 gauge shell clear full of just 2f black powder, that should be enough noise and flash to scare the life right out of nearly any 2 or 4 legged intruder.

  2. Just a suggestion, use very thin copper wire as the trigger, instead of cord/string. There’s almost no stretch to it, and it’s seriously hard to spot. Also, if you’re worried about it being spotted, set it up as a “tension release” trigger. That way it’ll go off if someone cuts the wire.

  3. They have trip lines that someone could set off the only thing is it will keep the noise going until you put the magnet back on the spot, they have those noise boxes in old folks home and Hospital when a paceint gets out of bed or falls the alarm will go off and it’s loud!!

    I like the flash bang noise because that would make an unexpected thieves have to change there under shorts

  4. PLEASE REVIEW the “magnesium ribbon” that comes from the same site. If it lights and works with water like the real stuff is suppose to might buy that.

  5. When Ruben was a boyscout, they made flash trip wires with flashcubes, close pins and thumbtacks. Good DIY solution, but this one seems much more effective.

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