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Flammable Food Survival Hacks

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Improvise to Survive! Taking Everyday Items and using them for Survival Situations.

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8 thoughts on “Flammable Food Survival Hacks

  1. When use use the butter candle , place it in a Butter dish. Then maybe you can have your candle and eat it too. LOL Great video. Florida, USA.

  2. This gave me an idea: Instead of throwing away wrapper from a cube of butter, I’ll put it in a baggie in my freezer and keep a stash to take with me for a fire starter next time I go camping. If I put it next to the cooler packs in my freezer I’ll remember to take it with me. ;o)
    In Farewell to Manzanar, Jean Wakatsuki Houston mentions the people in the Japanese Internment camps burning orange peels as insect repellent. I think of this any time someone demonstrates burning oranges or their peels. (Former high school English teacher speaking here…)

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