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FOBOS Knives Legion: First Impressions Test (Shocked!) – Preparedmind101

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12 thoughts on “FOBOS Knives Legion: First Impressions Test (Shocked!) – Preparedmind101

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 I ended just putting it on credit because there was like 5 or 6 left. After your video I figured they would be gone.
      Are you going to check out the smaller version as well ??

    2. PREPAREDMIND101 your killing me smalls I been putting some cash together this week just a little shy getting paid tomorrow at 4 and there all going to be gone. Only if you would have waited 24 more hours.

  1. I’ll be getting one on the secondary market or on the next run. I did the pre order for the Tier 1 (smaller model) lol.

  2. By the way, according to Mike Stewart the extra length added to the choil is for striking a firesteel.

    And don’t forget you can remove the handle to use as a spear, for easy cleaning, and for whatever other survival purposes.

    And the sheath is MOLE comparable. And it can go over (on both sides of) a belt loop so it doesn’t slide around.

    This thing is definitely on my want list. But I just got in on the final run of the Grizzly, and I have an Aurora LT Cru-Wear on order – so next year I’ll get a Legion.

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