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Foxelli 21W Solar Charger: Any Good? – Preparedmind101

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10 thoughts on “Foxelli 21W Solar Charger: Any Good? – Preparedmind101

  1. BTW, I’m glad you’re reviewing some unbladed products. I especially like this one. I know nothing about solar except that I need it. I just might buy this Foxelli charger along with another devilish little knife. Thanks, Chris. Lucy

  2. Come on, Chris, you know why wives don”t like you (if that’s true). You pander to the man’s desire for another knife. And you do an incredible job of it. He’s older, she’s not so appealing but that knife that Chris dangled so tantalizingly before his eyes is a knock-out. Obviously there seems to be some connection with libido here. I can’t explain it.
    I love it when you do small, devilish knives; it gets to me, I want one. Unfortunately, they all disappear. I think my husband steals them because he’s afraid I’ll hurt myself or someone else. I wonder if those men accumulating dozens of knives have this problem of them disappearing. Maybe she hocks them? I’d like to know if anyone else has this problem.

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