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Gadget or Gimmick? HUGE Titan Waterproof Matches

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65% Gadget
35% Gimmick

Majority wins! This product has been given the greenlight by the masses!

Please complete the super fast poll (by clicking in upper right @ 00:17) to see if you think this is a useful gadget or a gimmick? I plan on doing more of these videos about dubious pieces of kit! Personally I think the conditions they would be required in would be limited and they are big, but do have their advantages, and they better at the cost!

Get some Titan Matches here! (With waterproof case) (If you dont think they’re a gimmick)

Box of 25 Titan Matches (No waterproof case)

How to make Waterproof matches

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7 thoughts on “Gadget or Gimmick? HUGE Titan Waterproof Matches

  1. I think in a dire situation, they provide over five minutes burn time adding one at a time to the last match. That could allow kindling to dry and start a fire

  2. I think that they may be useful in a limited number of situations. That being said, I don’t think that something that is only occasionally useful would be worth the space taken especially once you factor in the price. I believe a person could buy a few items, each being useful in different situations (ferro rod/magnesium/wet-fire/waterproof matches etc..), at a comparable price & being usable more than 25 times. Because of this I say it should be labeled a ‘Gimmick’.

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