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Get Home Bag Philosophy

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7 thoughts on “Get Home Bag Philosophy

  1. If you’re a prepper or just want to be prepared, watch the movie blackout on Netflix if you got some time. Could give you some idea of what you may need in an actual situation.

  2. When Savannah has to evacuate due to a hurricane, it can take over 12 hours to get to Atlanta. That’s with the east and west bound lanes going west. It’s normally a 3 hour drive.

  3. I’ll reccomend getting your map at a truck stop. A 50 dollar map that is laminated. Great item to have, and keep markers to write on the map and wipe it off later without damaging the map. Rand Mcnally’s

  4. SOOTCH !!!! Idea, add a “FOLDING CART” ( old ladies shop with) for trunk. Took one camping, helped my fat butt move all the stuff for my family. You could have fixed a flashlight to the front and even an umbrella pole to the top. Makes an awesome shelter post.

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