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Get Tough as Nails for SHTF: Before the Collapse

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A quick motivational spiel…

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9 thoughts on “Get Tough as Nails for SHTF: Before the Collapse

  1. You’re wrong about pleasure. Dead wrong. Offensively wrong. I like watching
    your videos, alot. But, the day you’re telling me that sitting on my couch
    and enjoying ice cream with my daughter while we discuss what she learned
    in school is spiraling me towards death, is the day I have to shut you

  2. I once talked to a heart surgeon. He said sport was actually bad for you
    life expectancy, as each heart only lasts for a certain amount of beats…

    1. I am a cardiovascular perfusionist. Actually as ridiculous and
      counter-inituitive as above statement may sound, it is quite true. At least
      the common consensus nowadays tends towards this opinion. A heart is
      basically a muscle and it wears down during your life. So in general : “the
      lower you strain your heart, the longer it lasts”. It only has a certain
      amount of beats for its lifecycle. Many fanatic sportsmen are known to
      suffer from cardiac problems on a relatively young age. Or even die
      prematurely. Better to keep your heart at 60bpm than at 180 bpm. It will
      simply last longer. I have a video somewhere on my channel where a surgeon
      is actually explaining this, during surgery. You may want to Google : ”
      Athletic heart syndrome “

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