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Glock 43 Lasermax Guide Rod Laser Install – Good Idea?

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It’s very easy to install a Lasermax Guide Rod Laser in a Glock 43 concealed carry handgun. But is it a good idea? Let’s take a quick look at how to install the laser sight and talk about that question briefly.

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14 thoughts on “Glock 43 Lasermax Guide Rod Laser Install – Good Idea?

  1. I just installed the lasermax on my glock 43 this past week. The instructions were great and the install took a little more then 5 mins. Great review and would highly recommend it. I also have one on my glock 19 and never had any issues other then replacing the battery annually.

  2. But Bryan, in a high stress situation a guy like you that’s been shooting for years would probably forget about that thing and lean on fundamentals. It’s Muscle memory. You’re gonna have to train like a mug with that thing to get used to it, I know I would.

  3. I totally agree. I have heard people say all they need is a laser and they will be fine. I would say if you NEED a laser to carry a gun you don’t need to be carrying. But like you said train fundamental shooting with sights and just use the laser as a little bit of an extra edge. I agree completely. Thanks for having very informative videos!

  4. This is the one that I want for my birthday. I’m concerned about whether or not it can turn on inadvertently while holstered since I’m a fan of leather iwb. thanks brother Brian.

  5. Thank you for the review Bryan, I enjoy the laser on my Bodyguard so I could see this being a good addition to my G42 as well.

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