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Glock Magazine Belt Pouch For Concealed Carry

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If you concealed carry (or open carry) a semi-auto pistol, it is a good idea to carry an extra magazine or two. The Glock Magazine Pouch is a simple way to carry an extra magazine for your Glock pistol either on your belt or in your pocket. It is cheap, functional and very concealable. Remember: “There is no such thing as too much money or too many bullets” – Robert B Parker’s Spenser (I forget which novel)

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17 thoughts on “Glock Magazine Belt Pouch For Concealed Carry

  1. You should look at Riches Holster out of Amherst NY I have a few of them I think in the top three in leather Holster very comfortable for every day carry you forget you even have a firearm on tie vac holsters have it’s place but I prefer to carry in a leather holster for every day much more comfortable

  2. Glock makes a holster just the same. I carry the holster and pouch combo and they’re great. These are also great to mount in the car, around the house, under things, etc…if the belt loops get worn out, just trim the sides off leaving the holster or pouch, put a strip of mailbox tack on the back and stick it anywhere. Will never waste $$$ on anything else and have had my oldest ones for over 9 years now.

  3. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly, the Glock and fobus ones are AWESOME, I own several, I even used a Glock one on a modified ankle band on patrol for almost 10 years never lost a mag even while tracking through east TN woods with my K-9 and have NEVER had any failures! Great video as usual, keep them coming! Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  4. I love the Hawg Holster magazine carrier that goes in your pocket, very simple and it works. I always carry at least one extra magazine on me. I have my own EDC carry in addition to my Glock 43 and extra magazine. So maybe I’ll expand to two magazines, but I definitely like having the magazines in my pocket.

  5. I have used that glock pouch for a pretty long time, simple and work perfectly and is it ambidexter. I carry it bullit backwards:)

    1. Why backwards ? I guess it is whatever you are used to. I am sure you know what you are doing Magnus.

  6. I carry a double mag carrier mounted laterally with a paddle at the 11 o’clock position and my Glock 22 in a level 2 holster also on a paddle at the 1 o’clock position.

    1. Survival On Purpose I’m really fat. I found the vlog about the 300th parallel to be very helpful. John has one and EVOLVING DAILY has one.

    2. Survival On Purpose I started because I saw John Lovell(WARRIORPOET) carried that way. I thought that I’d be cool like him. But, I started really liking it. It’s comfortable to me. I’m hooked now.

    1. I guess they went up. I shot this video a few weeks ago. I just saw they are $15 now. Still pretty cheap to work so well.

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