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Handy survival KNOT that gets the job done

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Handy survival KNOT that gets the job done
3 ways to tie the Taut-Line Hitch – Survival Knots 101

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11 thoughts on “Handy survival KNOT that gets the job done

    1. Don’t listen to Guy Mcpherson. Did you know he was a tenured professor at UofA and the University then banned him from teaching and shortly after fired him?
      Google “guy mcpherson banned from teaching”.
      He’s not Professor Emeritus.

  1. Hallo Lilly, APO1 ist schon wieder ausverkauft… ich bin einfach nicht schnell genug! In einem Deiner Kommentare habe ich gelesen, daß es Dein Messer zukünftig noch in einem andern Stahl geben wird… Böhler N690 würde mir gefallen 😉 Was denkst Du?

  2. I’ve never had a problem with a taut line hitch slipping because I select the correct cordage, form and set the knot. Your knots slipped because you didn’t set them tight. I’m sure you did this so they could be untied more easily to reuse the cord for the next knot. Is it too much trouble to demonstrate three knots on real tent guy lines with real tent stakes? This is the kind of thing that keeps me from subscribing.

    P.S. You can put a bight in the line for the last loop if you want a releasable knot.

    P.P.S. I usually just use the most common variant (Ashley #1856) and add a third inner loop on slippery cordage. The midshipman’s variant (#1855) jams too much and the Magnus variant (#1857) is difficult to set.

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