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Hatsan 125QE Sniper .22 Caliber Air Rifle – This Is Not A Toy!

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Is the Hatsan 125QE Sniper .22 caliber air rifle a practical survival rifle? In this 1st look video we talk about why an airgun might be a good choice and take a quick look at what this air gun can do.

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15 thoughts on “Hatsan 125QE Sniper .22 Caliber Air Rifle – This Is Not A Toy!

  1. Great review, look forward to see your next videos on the air rifle. Sure would be cheaper than shooting a .22 caliber rifle. Thanks Bryan.

    1. I am going to take it in the woods next. I got a lot of criticism for shooting it in my backyard and, after thinking about it, I have to agree. Although I know I was completely safe and careful, it was still a bad example to show and I probably wouldn’t like it if I saw my neighbor doing the same thing.

  2. I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve been air gunning small game for about 4 years now & I enjoy it. I’m in rural N.W. Ga. & a lot of folks around here will let someone hunt small game & varmints on their “small” property using an air gun, but wouldn’t let them near it with a .22 rimfire. I only know how & where an airgun can be used in my area. I’ve heard you say before, “here in suburbia” and that doesn’t sound very rural…lol. I’d recommend, if you haven’t already, checking for any local ordinance/law that may pertain to airgun use in your area. Best of luck & enjoyment with your new airgun.

  3. I’m very curious as to what is the muzzle velocity for that air rifle? In Canada, if an air rifle has a muzzle velocity of great than 500 (or 550, can’t remember exactly what it is) feet per second, it is classified by law as a firearm. Do you have the same or similar law down your way?

    1. In the U.S. airguns aren’t classified as firearms regardless of the feet per second or ft. lbs. energy. That’s not to say that in some areas there may not be some local ordinance/law limiting their use. Such as, shooting them in subdivisions, within the city limits, parks & recreation facilities & other areas with a concetrated population. It’s always best to learn of any airgun ordinance/law that may pertain to the area you want to shoot in, before you just go out shooting.

    2. Survival On Purpose Around 1000 feet per second??!!! And you decided to shoot this “firearm” in a populated area and in your backyard??!!! NOT A VERY SMART AND FIREARM SAVY MOVE, LET ALONE SAFE!!!! You should have been at a certified firearm range rather than your back yard in a populated area. In Canada, that’s enough to get your butt in jail, loose all your firearm privileges and loose all your firearms. Those are some of the light criminal charges. Consider if someone was shot and/or killed???

  4. Considering how effortlessly those pellets penetrated that board, I don’t doubt this gun has killing capacity. It’s a really nice gun, it might even be good for a little bird hunting too.

  5. Not too swift shooting a projectile at 1000 fps with neighbours behind. Wood pile or not. There is a thing called ricochet. If I was your neighbour I’d loose it.

    1. Yep. I get it. It was a mistake. I screwed up. You are right. I realized that when I saw what it did to the board. No mas.

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