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Healthy Freeze Dried Food In a Pouch – Thrive Life Snackies

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Thrive Life Snackies are some of the best tasting freeze dried food I have ever eaten. The convenient resealable pouch is perfect for camping, backpacking or any time you want some healthy, non-GMO, all-natural food.

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14 thoughts on “Healthy Freeze Dried Food In a Pouch – Thrive Life Snackies

  1. William at Mantis Outdoors gave these a big thumbs up too. With two such glowing reviews I’m going to give them a try. Thanks.

  2. I’m gonna try the fruit. It’s something I’m lacking a bit on in my food storage. I have can fruits but if SHTF I’m not carrying a case of pears on my back! TFS Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Gods Blessings ~Lisa

  3. Good video, I’ve been researching freeze dried stuff to make my own meals to take backpacking this summer. Thanks!

    1. This is excellent food. Clean, natural and nutritious. I like the ability to create my own recipe with just what I like. For example, I don’t like mushrooms and so many of the pre-packaged meals have mushrooms. -And MSG and preservatives and lots and lots and lots and…..of salt.

  4. If them Youngin’s like it  It’s gotta be OK  Happy Easter Friend        ATB Ter  God Bless

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