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Home Depot Fatwood Test – Fatwood or Fakewood?

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You know I think fatwood is one of the best natural tinder to use a firestarter, but a lot of people can’t find it in the wild. I found a bag at Home Depot for about $6 so I decided to see if it worked as well as my “wild-caught” fatwood. Let’s make a fire!

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14 thoughts on “Home Depot Fatwood Test – Fatwood or Fakewood?

  1. I read all the comments, and only at the very end was my question answered, but then not really. So, stupid question: Given all the stores that sell it, all the bags sold (based on just responses to your review), how fairly easy it is to find in the wild (adjusted for lazy people), and that just a small amount is needed to start a roaring blaze, it appears to me there may be an over abundance of fire bugs!!! I am now very concerned. Should I be???

  2. Up North East of New-Brunswick, we don’t have much fat wood at all. I bought a bag of fat wood from my local store and I was pleased with the results. Thanks for sharing with us, sometime the store have more to offer than the nature. Thanks for sharing with us and best regards -Yves

  3. Hello from Oklahoma! Good to see Home Depot sells Fatwood. I found it back by the barbecue stuff. Sounds like the natives were restless in the background for a few minutes. Watch your hair! Good video as usual. Thanks for all you do. God Bless! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  4. I bought some a few weeks ago for $4.50 at my local HD. It really does work quite well. There is
    enough Fatwood in that bundle to last for years as a fire starter. I’ve started countless fires with it
    while camping and hiking or such. I have many ways to light a fire in my fire kit, but I always seem
    to go with this one first & most often.

  5. Man you hit the nail on the head at 9:45, in my area the pine are not as resin filled as the southern pine. I can find fatwood in the woods , it burns but it is just good pine not really as good, as the store bought. If i live in the south i would have stumps of it, for me a bag from the depot lasts a while, gives me a small bundle in my fire kit, and save me an expedition to Georgia. great to see the comparison… i am always on the look out in the woods for a stump to investigate… J

  6. Like your how to and comparison testing. Would really like for you to get the video in sync with the audio. Keep up the good work. I am also looking to purchase gloves for kids, focused around knife safety. You’d be surprised to find a good source for those.

    1. The Audio/ video sync issue happens on the viewer end. Something to do with stream rate and buffer times. Or bandwidth. Bottom line, “it ain’t me”. 😉

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