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Home Fortifications for SHTF, Home Invasion and Burglary prevention

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This is part two of the series on protecting your home in the case of shtf, home invasion or burglary. Watch Part 1 here:

Fortification items discussed in this video (not in order)

Amcrest surveillance systems

Cold Steel Boar Spear

Cold Steel shovel

Get Decoy Cameras Here:

Nightlock Door Barricade

Alarm/ Security Faux Stickers

Window Bars

Security Window Film (Greatly improves window strength)

Home Security System

Wall Safe (good value)

Tactical Flashlight (Olight Javelot)

Area/ tactical Light (Thrunite TN 40)

Total Floodlight (worlds brightest TN 36 2017)

Bat Light

Long Range Wireless Alarm System (for large properties)

Solar Motion lighting

Laser perimeter defense

Bear Defense Electrical Fence (for bugout)

.22 Caliber sentry perimeter alarm

Ironclad perimeter Alarm System

Home Defense Weapons
Cold Steel Spear

Brooklyn Crusher (Cold Steel)

Pepper Spray

Ka-Bar Fighting Knife

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12 thoughts on “Home Fortifications for SHTF, Home Invasion and Burglary prevention

  1. I am a big advocate of cameras. And letting everyone know you have cameras (clear signs in your yard). if given a choice, someone will choose to break into the easy target (your neighbor’s house) rather than yours if they know they are being filmed if they do.

    1. It creates a false sense of security to belive that can not happen.
      We have several examples here in Denmark. But just be in your illusion.

    2. Goodbye privacy. I am a big opponent of surveillance. CCTV has never prevented a single crime or a single assault. If they worked, London would be a city without crime now, and that’s not the case.
      And be aware that burglars with good IT skills or connections to hackers or corrupt employees can sit undisturbed far away and study, where your home has weak points and where the values are located.

    3. but what happens in a SHTF or a WROL situation, cameras won’t stop them because there is no law enforcement.

  2. Home Fortifications for SHTF:
    live in a ship. if things do go to shit. i dont see anything safer than the sea

  3. I don’t trust the Canadian Prepper anymore, he is just trying to trick us into buying cameras so that the Transgender Mexican Elite can spy on our activities.

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