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Homeland Security’s “Warning” to Prepare for 6 Months Grid Down

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Did the DHS actual issue a warning to USA citizens to prepare for a 6 month grid down scenario. NO but its much worse than that!

Here is the actual report

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11 thoughts on “Homeland Security’s “Warning” to Prepare for 6 Months Grid Down

    1. Things on the horizon are about to get real. I pray that God will help us get through.
      God told Noah to build an Ark he didn’t give him an Ark.

    2. ,@+Harlan Mayor what you said earlier regarding Florida and its laws regarding energy along with water perhaps also if you live in The Burbs There Are Rules against growing food along with County Rules in some areas that won’t allow you to have small livestock or chickens ā¯”UriTe indeed it is very much so fukTup. Try to buy seeded fruit from the store that may grow, been a Florida boy recalling fruit trees and beans and just about everything people grew along with food in supermarkets that was healthy overall while very few people were obese as a result of *Tampered Fiat food* . I can’t imagine a six-month grid down without likely curfews to Marshall to state of?, to Anarchy whereas supermarkets will likely close or ration?

    3. John Ganshow Attorneys just want to cash retainer checks. Attorneys have had plenty of opportunities to prove themeselves as assetts to humanity. Nothing good or beneficial to humanity will ever involve lawyers.

    4. With gun ownership in the U.S. being what it is, it would be difficult to pacify any major city, let alone small towns and the countryside too. It is why, America has no been invaded by foreign troops since 1812. I can image, that cities will come under martial law, but smaller towns and the countryside are “on their own”, since cities have assets that are largely congregated there…

  1. Its really hard to stock up on a single income and i had a bad habit that i kicked but take medicine now for and i fear everyday that when it happens that I’ve failed my wife and son. I will be sick… very very sick for awhile and that will slow us down. In an crapy small apartment the closet is our food/ammo/medical stash but like i said super low income doesn’t help.

  2. Trump is going to create marshall law without an EMP just by keeping the government shutdown. With federal workers not getting paid, food stamps not funded, and section 8 housing residents getting evicted people will riot and Trump will declare marshall law and there will be no election in 2020 under marshall law. Trump will be right where he wants to be the dictator of the United States

  3. Keep in mind that the power grid in the US is made of many privately owned power companies that have minimal regulation by state and federal governments. Some US power companies, in theory, could disconnect their privately-owned power network from the rest of the power grid and, if they had sufficient fuel, could bring that system back on line independent of the rest of the country. If the whole US power grid goes down, you can expect the federal effort and the commercial effort would be directed first to getting the power back to the financial center in Manhattan, to federal buildings in DC, to major military installations on the US mainland and to major population centers across the nation and last to customers in thinly populated areas. Those not living in a priority location but dependent upon electrical power for winter heating would be in deep trouble if the power grid went down for more than a few hours and the outdoor temperature stayed below freezing. Some towns might be able to evacuate people to makeshift shelters that are heated. But who knows how long those warming shelters would have enough fuel and oil to keep generators operating?

    If the US power grid went down and stayed down during the summer and outdoor temperatures stayed above 95″ F, those living in homes without good cross ventilation and plenty of clean drinking water would also be in deep trouble. Heat-related deaths could spike, especially in the elderly and those with chronic serious illnesses. Many more people now live in desert areas of the Southwest US than did in the 1800s and this is largely because of air conditioning. Without electricity to power air conditioners, most of the housing in desert areas of the US is not designed to naturally stay cool during summer weather and would become uninhabitable during summer months. Without electricity to power home heating and air conditioning during times of severe heat or severe cold, the best option is to evacuate to a location that has a milder climate. Of course, evacuation requires fuel for vehicles and if fuel stations cannot operate, voluntary mass evacuations by privately owned vehicles may not be possible. Anyone with an RV that has a generator and plenty of propane to fuel it plus a source of clean water to re-fill the fresh water tank and a sheltered place to park that RV could in theory stay warm enough or cool enough to survive for a week or two of grid-down until the propane ran out. The few who have underground fallout shelters could do well for a few months until severe weather passes since the ground provides natural insulation from extreme temperatures.

  4. is this guy supposedly scaring the American people into doing this? or would this actually happen? and we need to start preparing?

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