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How To Make A Stormproof Torch With A Pine Cone

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In this video I show you how to make a stormproof torch with a pine cone. This pine tree species (Pinus Strobus) makes pretty big pine cones, which are perfect as a wick for a torch or candle.

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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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7 thoughts on “How To Make A Stormproof Torch With A Pine Cone

  1. Hi Lilly. Over here (N. America) they used to do something called
    “jacklighting” (back in grandparent’s day) when night hunting to attract
    curious game animals, called that because of the “jack pines” they used for
    resin and to make the torch. Considered unethical today. Also works in a
    survival situation to attract fish at night, with a long pole out over the

  2. I just stumbled onto your channel. Love it. But I can’t get past how much
    you and Jenna Marbles look alike. I saw a video of you with blonde hair
    (watch a video of Jenna where she’s not wearing makeup) and you two look
    like sisters. That aside, really fascinated and impressed by your survival

  3. You should make yourself a Mallet out of natural materials. It would sure
    beat using a plain log in most instances. You could make a large Mallet and
    a smaller one too! : )

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