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How to Make an IKEA Hobo Stove

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How to Make an IKEA Hobo Stove
Cheap and easy to do, the IKEA Utensil Strainer is perfect for making an effective “Hobo” Stove.

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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10 thoughts on “How to Make an IKEA Hobo Stove

  1. Sootch!!! I was just listening to the radio on the way into work and KIRO (97.3) just referenced you and played clips of your many uses of q-tips. I was screaming “Long live the republic” in traffic! Hahahaha

    I think the show is called Ron and Don. Just aired during the 0730-0800 segment.

    And yes, I’m so excited, I pulled my car over just to type this. So badass you just got airplay. Ok back on the road to work. ??

    1. SensiblePrepper Amen. Awesome way to kick off my day. Means your reach is expanding and your content is exceptionally valuable. Great work.

    2. That’s cool! Anyway to get people to be prepared is my mission! Thanks Brother! Long Live the Republic!

  2. And don’t forget to shoot the feat with some Flex Seal™ so she don’t shift around on smooth concrete and metal surfaces.

  3. good job but looks like the design needs to be improved. The fire is coming out the sides and not the top. Great for keeping you warm but not for cooking. Put a grate on top so the pot will be raised and inch off the top off the stove. This will allow the flames to come out the top and lick the sides of the pot. The holes in the side of the stove will allow oxygen in instead of flame out and will facilitate a strong convection current that will allow for a hot and clean burning fire. Very easy and will greatly improve the stove and boil time.

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