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How to Never Surrender: Survival Psychology

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When times get tough you have been gifted with an opportunity to take it to the NEXT level.

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8 thoughts on “How to Never Surrender: Survival Psychology

  1. I blame myself for my failures. Even when I was a victim it was due to my choices or lack there of…

    1. By saying a lack there of I mean a lack of making a choice because there is all ways a choice. Even happiness is a choice…

  2. Most people succeed, not because they got a big break, instead they succeed one brick at a time. It’s not anymore complicated than that. And if you are a spender and a person who over uses debt, then you will not succeed, because you are throwing away your fruits along the way instead of laying them up for your retirement. The person who spends on big houses, expensive cars, fancy clothes, lot’s of vacations, eating in restaurants, etc., will have nothing at the end of their life. It’s not anymore complicated than that. One brick at a time folks. That’s what separates the winners from the crowd. And you do NOT have to be a millionaire to be a winner. And remember, there is not one single person or one single thing in this world worth suicide. Not one. Nothing is worth that. Nothing.

  3. awesome stuff, i can relate. I had some what of the same struggles. Growing up was a great life leason and bad choices taught me not to play the blame game. plus God made a huge impact on my life now.

  4. beautiful said on 12:13 – 13:35 ! I think people hunger for that freedom. I know deep inside i really hunger for that freedom.. But at the same time i don’t want it to happen because i want my child to grow up without fear and horrors ect.

  5. I disagree with literally everything in this video. I have never seen a video more in error and more filled with easily disproved platitudes in my entire life!

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