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Hurricanes or Not, Valley Food Storage Makes Sense

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All of the hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and other disasters are a big reminder that we all need to have some emergency food and water on hand, just in case. Valley Food Storage has the best tasting, all natural freeze dried food I have ever eaten. And now they have meat.

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13 thoughts on “Hurricanes or Not, Valley Food Storage Makes Sense

  1. Loved the review Bryan! We have really enjoyed all of the Valley Food Storage items we have tried so far. They fact that they ingredient list is so short on most of their meals is a great thing, too often we see lots of added chemicals or preservatives. I really like the idea of the meat variety bucket to add to other preps you may have on hand as well.

  2. Ppl are not prepared especially those that live paycheck to paycheck. Ppl need to prepare little by little because when it does happen they will be better off than others

  3. After all the squirrels & bunnies are gone there’s always the neighbour’s dogs. All you would need is a gravy bucket to go with the fricassee of Spot or Fluffy.

    1. I think my previous comment got lost in translation. It was meant as a humorous observation & solution of all the barking you have to put up with from your neighbour’s dogs.

  4. A few buckets are always a good idea. Making your own dehydrated food and then cryovacing will extend the food for years .etc. Also, if you cannot survive in your own house then you are not going to survive in the wilderness, period. Stockpile whatever you need for cooking, both gas and charcoal BBQ s, lots of wood ..etc. Cycle through your storage, even canned goods, so that its as fresh as can be if or when disaster happens. Don’t be one of those tens of thousands rushing to Wally World, it rarely ends well for so many reasons. Brian great video, more practical shows on storage and making your house or apartment a refuge for your whole family and a few neighbours if possible. If your part of a church then get a group together and make a solid plan. Rambling seems to be contagious, lol.

  5. We have a big panty well stocked with a variety of foods. We buy stuff when on sale and rotate older food and replace with new. My son called our Army Bunker

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