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I Finally Bought It! | Primal Life Vlog – 020

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3 thoughts on “I Finally Bought It! | Primal Life Vlog – 020

  1. I’ve only used the GH4 and that’s a sweet camera, the GH5 is supposed to be awesome, especially with the improved low light performance. IDK what lens you got, the 14-140 is a great all around lens if you want to only bring one. I used to stick to just the ones that could talk to the body (Panasonic and Olympus) but once I got over the fear of shooting manual I got some really cool lenses. Another great thing about M43 cameras is you can get some tiny lenses that work fine even on small gimbals, and a gimbal gives you a lot more creative capacity for just a few hundred dollars.

    1. Loving it so far. You’ll see me transition to it in the vlog in the coming episodes. Our most recent video on the gas mask was shot with it too.

      I picked up a native 7-14mm and I have a 14-35 as well. Prob pick up a metabones and some other lenses down the line. Loving this thing a lot so far though for sure.

  2. Training has so much impact on the mental state. Natural endorphin release vs the artificial release from that tasty juicy cheesy pizza 😀

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