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I Had to Unplug, Making Some Changes, A Raffle & The Schradepocolypse

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9 thoughts on “I Had to Unplug, Making Some Changes, A Raffle & The Schradepocolypse

  1. looking good brother! good to take a break here n there.. i am pretty mad at schrade as well.. said back when the s&w was going to buy out that it was gonna be a fail.. im sad i was right but i jist knew it… keep up the great work bro!

  2. When my smartphone died (the battery got all swolen up and made it’s way out through my screen), i switched back to my ‘not so smart phone’, can’t say i miss it much … mostly miss some family stuff, which turns out to be the most important, and i am a bit sad about that. But man, all the ‘noise’ through social media, don’t miss it at all … also try not to hit the bell thing here or on other channels, (sorry bout that), i make time to watch when i want to watch, videos here are as patient as pen on paper. Anyways, keep up the good work, and focus on what’s truly important.

    1. I ended up going through my phone and shutting off all notifications, that way I can look at it when I feel like it instead of the phone alerting me all the time. That has made a HUGE difference.

  3. Glad you got a break! I agree, some times it does become overwhelming.I fully understand.
    I think the breaking away from Schrade speaks highly of your integrity..Thumbs up Brother!

  4. I know what ya mean. 2 yrs ago spent about a year away from FB, was nice, and 3 days at b.o.b. camp w no service hardly was also nice.

  5. good move, makes me wonder about my little S&W knife Sammi in Australia sent me, so far it holds up for light tasks, won’t trust it with anything major now. btw I’ll do a giveaway when I git 500 subs

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