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I Need Your Help With Something | Primal Life Vlog – 004

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What’s up guys….a lot is changing, and I want to keep you in the loop.

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13 thoughts on “I Need Your Help With Something | Primal Life Vlog – 004

  1. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!!!! but I’m hearing you Bro, came to the same decision myself in the last couple of weeks. Already started making moves & hope by end of year things will be changed job wise one way or another.
    Have started training again after a 2 year hiatus. Started cleaning up my eating just over a week ago & was on my stationary cycle while watching this video, first time in 2 years & tomorrow I’m going for my first 10km walk in 2 years.
    Even spoke with a Krav Maga instructor the other day about getting some training ( mainly for my own confidence to deal with some crap that I may be put into a position to have to act on because it keeps cropping up & each time it escalates) & going back to Boxing tomorrow night.
    all going well I hope to have time to join the Tribe & be able to have the commitment needed. I won’t do so until I know I can keep my end of the deal, that’s just who I am.

  2. Glad to hear things are turning around for ya. Among all of the shit you currently have going on, any chance you could do a review in the future on the 5.11 All Hazards Nitro bag? And/or comparison to the 5.11 Rush 12? Thanks man, keep up the grind!

    1. Thanks man. I would love to do more reviews. Unfortunately that relies on either my own personal need for the gear, or if I can get hooked up with the company for a review partnership. I’m sure it will happen eventually. I just don’t know about near future. Thanks for watching!

  3. great vid i want to thank you for your vids you have inspired me to do something like what you are doing i kbow a lot of single female’s that are trying to prep and prepare you have given me us lots of info thank you

  4. I think you were mentioning something about people not coming to the gym, but I’m not sure, you didn’t make yourself clear.
    p.s. the vacuum cleaner on the staircase looks like it’s lying in wait to ambush you.

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