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Im Almost Ready For SHTF – Tactical Show

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11 thoughts on “Im Almost Ready For SHTF – Tactical Show

  1. From a brit and you yanks won’t like this. Your constitution died a few years after your civil war. You entered Admiralty law but you were all brain washed by the pledge of allegiance and the team usa mentality. Most of you yanks will slag off the old soviet union regime but are you any different pledging your allegiance to a false flag? (and god?) Some of the more educated will agree with me but coming out against the usa mentality can be difficult. You are ruled by bankers, zionists and jesuits and you may have the guns but they have the fire power…. No disrespect but you are fucking sheep!
    We all bleed red regardless of religion, politics, race, you get the fucking idea…… Go ahead fucking slate me but i see beyond the bullshit!
    Gaia… Tiocfaidh ár lá. I bleed red.

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