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Is Artillery Hold For An Air Rifle Better? – Let’s Find Out

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The artillery hold position for break action air rifles is supposed to compensate for the “double recoil effect” of a spring airgun or piston gun. I took the Hatsan 125QE Sniper to the range to see if it really helps.

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15 thoughts on “Is Artillery Hold For An Air Rifle Better? – Let’s Find Out

  1. It is a nice pellet rifle Brian and you are by no means ‘ stupid ‘. You have very informative videos and I try at least to catch up on several before your next is available. At times during life my guess is that at some point in time we just make a decision that of which the outcome may have been better. Keep the videos coming and thanks for sharing. ( in this case , you have openly admitted to a mistake with no intention or harm to anything or anyone , it goes to show integrity and honesty ). All should take this into consideration.

  2. The more power a spring/gas piston has the harder it is to hold accuracy in my experience. Another safety concern that I seen in the other video is when you cocked the barrel you held the gun in one hand and loaded it with the other. A safer way is when I cock the gun I rest the butt on my leg and hold the barrel with one hand and load with the other, just in case. I’m not saying the barrel snap back but the chance is there that it could. I have found the Crosman Premier at Wally World shoot pretty accurate.

    1. Yep, the premier hollow points are def one of the better performing pellets I have used as well, at least in .22 cal.

  3. My teacher once told me : Never ever speak anything negative about yourself , never criticize yourself – there will always be a lot of people doing just that for you . He was so right …
    That thing is of a mammoth size !! Must be very effective for clubbing . How well balanced is it ?? Very nice video .

  4. hey brother I watch the video I watch 99% of your videos and I love your videos what you talk about in your videos but you’re always going to have someone jealous or just wanting to start an argument I think you’re more than careful and you’re also human everyone makes mistakes

  5. I know my cheap beeman preferred the heavier pellets for accuracy, good thing they are comparatively cheap to buy and try

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