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Is World War 3 Imminent?

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Will you be told when the button is pushed? Is the public privy to the real military technology? When is it time to start panic buying? Does anyone benefit from WW3? Is M.A.D a real thing? Is a 3rd world war winnable? Is it survivable? I discuss this and other aspects in this video.

You will not be told when SHTF!

Russian military exercise with 40 million citizens

Snowden reveals US black budget

Putin may be readying for war (New york post)

Putin orders all relatives/ children studying abroad to return home:

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5 thoughts on “Is World War 3 Imminent?

  1. if u know how to shoot strait and hit your target one shot one kill
    oooooraaaaa.. i dont need thousands of rounds get in a fire fight kill the
    bad guy boom his wepons are now mine its a no brainer……….kill or be

  2. you know this is my idea why don’t throw all these world leaders in a room
    together and let them beat each other to death, it will save thousands if
    not millions of lives and kill a few idiotic people who only care about
    themselves the world will be a better place without these cunts

  3. Russia wants a nuc war as a way to stop climate change. they know that
    humanity is headed for extinction without drastic action. Drastic action is
    politically impossible. The world is addicted to fossil fuels and healing
    is out of the question. A nuc war will send a great deal of dust into
    the upper atmosphere which will cause global dimming and allow refreezing
    the polar icecaps, cooling the planet. The Russians know that US
    republican politicians deny science and will block all attempts to change
    co2 emmissions because they are all owned, body and soul, by the Koch bros
    and the oil companies. With a nuclear first strike, hitting all of the
    major us cities from submarines just off our coastlines, they can eliminate
    our industrial capacity and reduce our population to a few million. Yes
    Russia will also get nailed hard in retaliation, but putin and the
    oligarchs want to lower their population dramatically anyway because the
    greatest cause of global warming is overpopulation. With the us wrecked,
    and nuclear winter set to last 5 years, china will collapse economically
    and experience a huge population die off. The middle east will meltdown
    into chaos due to food shortages from lack of imports and also the mini ice
    age from the nuclear dimming cloud. Population will be lowered to less
    than 100million in 6 years, globally, the ice caps will refreeze, the
    climate will stabilize as co2 emmissions are reduced 98% and Putin and his
    buddies and their slaves will wait out the worst of the radiation fallout
    in deep bunkers stocked for a 50 year stay. If it doesn’t happen, the
    runaway climate will fry our bacon in less than 20 years. Pick your poison.

  4. There are tiny towns/settlements here in Australia that are so remote, you
    can only get to them by helicopter. I’d go to one of those.

  5. I hope dey du not nuke us, but ef tey dew, I hope it ends
    quickly….starving 2 deaf with wun leg sounds absolutely terrybl.

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