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Joe Flowers & Condor TK – SHOT Show 2019

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No SHOT SHow would be complete without stopping by the COndor TK booth and talking to Joe Flowers. They have some cool new designs out for 2019

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7 thoughts on “Joe Flowers & Condor TK – SHOT Show 2019

  1. Daggers look sweet without the guard but I personally would only buy a dagger with a guard unless it was like only 20 bucks or something. And the quality of video is good enough, survival on purpose gets everything right 99 percent of the time give him a break.

  2. I have one of Matt Graham’s designs from last year, Primitive Camp, and it’s so fun to use. I like that he doesn’t employ a heavy blade stock on his knives so they’ll slice with ease. Really like the change to 1095. I’ll have to pick up that little Kephart!

  3. I really like my Condor Bushlore, its a quality knife and I got it at a great price (around $60 w/Micarta scales $40 w/wooden). I love the look of the Cavelore and would definitely consider purchasing one, but not at the MSR of $80-$90. Unfortunately Condor has decided to raise their prices considerably. Therefore the next time I decide to pick up a new blade it will probably be another KA-BAR which is as good or better quality as Condor but more affordable. If I decide to spend a bit more, there are many higher quality brands out there to choose from. Condor and KA-BAR used to be my goto brands for quality and affordability, I guess this is no longer the case. This is disappointing but it is what it is. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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