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JX5 vs Jess X : Tactical Show

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Testing Chris’s knives side by side

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9 thoughts on “JX5 vs Jess X : Tactical Show

  1. Hey Tac, awesome vid as always! I would like to buy a new schrade. Wich one would you recommend more schf36 or schf52 or schf45 for a survival knife with all kinds of use? Thanks in advance Bro!!

  2. I’d really like to get my hands on an old stock Jess X. I didn’t even know about it until after it became a piece of junk. The regret is real. At least I’m about to pick up a Vengeful 1.

    Someday I may go to a custom maker and get a Jess X made with micarta handle scales and CPM3v steel XD

  3. Hey out there I need help. I’m a chick and want a nice folder under 80ish ideally as high as 120 maybe
    Large like 4-5.5″ blade
    No serrated.
    Spring assisted and sharp as shit for self defence nothing less. Any advice would be awesome. I know tacs sights got some cool people so asking here only guys and girls. Thanks

    1. Hey thanks for taking time to reply in detail. I was looking at voyager or recon xls and some Kershaw’s. That’s a cool looking knife and I will. Hell in the others u mentioned.
      Thanks alot.

    2. have you seen the cold steel wave feature? I personally prefer it to spring assist, and the reliable lock is perfect for self defense. Most spring assist knives are only liner or frame locks in my experience and they aren’t as strong. Also i can’t think of any spring assist off the top of my head with that blade length. My honest recommendation would be the AK47, or the mini freaking love that knife.
      Here’s a more daggery knife:

      There are numerous kershaws with awesome spring assist features, but again, none in that size range. And I simply don’t trust any lock but the tri ad myself.
      If you don’t mind something big in your pocket or wherever you keep it the Cold Steel Rajah 2 and Spartan are intimidating and both have the wave feature as well.

      While the wave feature does take some practice to get down, I personally find i can deploy it even faster than a spring assist as it is one smooth motion out of your pocket. Just practice ahead of time and you’re golden. You also don’t have to worry about a spring breaking, and AGAIN, the Tri ad lock is kingggg!

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